Crossing 130km to Irkeshtam border 吉爾吉斯坦|穿越130公里到伊爾克什坦

at irkeshtam

We started to wait outside before the gate open, because we must be arrived before 11 O' Clock一早連大門都還沒開放我們就在外面等待,為的就是要趕在十一點之前到邊境

Karakol high way 中國|冷美的喀拉崑崙公路

Finally we decided to go ourselves. If we won't pass the checkpoint, we back to here. Though I can't go to Pakistan, let me physically close to it. So we left with few simple clothes. 所謂的導遊只是他開車到我們想去的地方,我們還是決定自己去,無法通過的話再回來吧,不能到巴基斯坦那就讓身體靠近它也好,就這樣我們只帶簡便的衣物岀發

Surprised me! Songkran in Chiangmai 泰國|意外給我驚喜的清邁宋干節

We were about to leave for Laos, but we decided to stay one day and see what's going on here in Chiangmai, a very joyful day of religious experience in Thailand原打算直接去寮國,但我們最後決定在清邁瞧瞧東南亞最大的宋干節慶,這天是個很歡樂的泰國宗教體驗

Forest bath beside the city-Dafushan forest park in Guangzhou 中國|城市的氧吧大夫山森林公園

Dafushan forest park in Gungzhou

Dafushan is really great park, the different sizes of artificial lake, grass, woods, slopes or flat, it is not a place to walk all over in a short time.大夫山真的很大呀,有大小人工湖、草地、不同的樹林、山坡或平地,那不是一個一下就走得完的地方


hitchhike in China

it was the first time for me to travel in Asia and I met people, mostly Chinese, telling me that hitchhiking in China is impossible, that it's dangerous and nobody will pick me up. 這是我第一次在亞洲旅行,我遇到的大多中國人,告訴我在中國搭便車是不可能的、這是危險的,沒有人會接我

Wander in Fukushima, Yame 日本|在八女福島的午後散步(下)

許斐本家 このみ園

Konomien, thought it was just a shop with several drinks name on the menu, turned out to be the oldest tea merchants in Kyushu!矢部屋許斐本家,原以為他只是菜單寫幾種飲料名字的小店,竟然是九州最古老的茶商!

Wander in Fukushima, Yame 日本|在八女福島的午後散步(上)


Looking at the tour maps which I took from an office next to station, casually selected a street to go past, the streets are desolate and quiet,the shops are closed, all the scenery seem to stay in the decades ago...看著在車站旁辦公室拿的導覽地圖,隨意選了一條街走了過去,街上冷冷清清非常安靜,站前的商店街都關著,一切景物似停留在30年前