My world toilet collection 我的世界廁所之旅

kyrgyzstan toilet

One of the things you would not miss while traveling is using the toilet. You get culture shock from it. It's a big event of life. Here I will introduce those toilet experience of mine.在旅行中上廁所絕對是不會錯過的體驗之一,甚至帶著文化衝擊,上廁所是人生大事,也是旅行中無法避免的問題。這裡我來一一介紹那些我上過的廁所朋友們。

Give and Gift 路途中的分享,交換,禮物

The only thing I regret on the travel is I didn't bring souvenirs that present Taiwan or myself. It became to be worried in all travel, what I can offer to people?旅行時我最後悔的一件事就是沒有帶著代表台灣或自己的伴手禮,自以為瀟灑就空手出門,到最後一整路都在煩惱我能給予別人什麼回饋?