Bazaar and the museum in noodle restaurant 泰國|麵店裡的博物館與令大叔得意的清邁市集

We failed to hitchhike from Bangkok to Chiangmai in a day, not only I did not see foreign tourists, but also unexpected to visit the interesting place.我們一天內從曼谷搭便車到清邁的目標失敗了,這路程上不但沒有外國遊客(至少沒看到長得像歐美遊客的人),還意外到了有趣的地方

Camping wonder through Thailand 泰國|奇妙的露營之旅

Apart from the nonsense imagination, everything was wonderful that all the worries in the world are fake, desires are superfluous...除了亂入的恐懼,一切美好的像是世界上任何煩惱都是假的,欲望是多餘的。走個十來分鐘到一個空地使用wifi,是網路世界把我拉回現實中

Surprised me! Songkran in Chiangmai 泰國|意外給我驚喜的清邁宋干節

We were about to leave for Laos, but we decided to stay one day and see what's going on here in Chiangmai, a very joyful day of religious experience in Thailand原打算直接去寮國,但我們最後決定在清邁瞧瞧東南亞最大的宋干節慶,這天是個很歡樂的泰國宗教體驗