Laos, Not only huts 寮國|不只是寮仔之國

Bumpy loess roads, stilt houses, woman with bag on her forehead was greeting us, it definitely felt like I came to another country顛簸的黃土路,一座座的高腳屋,婦女額頭撐著袋子打招呼,我來到另一個國度裡的另一個國度

Living among spirits 寮國|喀木族的靈界線

while we've been cooking and eating dinner in his small hut full of smoke and surrealistic world of Khmus trust in spirits, dragons, shamans, flying people and other strange things. 我們在他小小的只亮著一盞燈泡的高腳屋裡,冒著炊飯的煙、伴著超現實的喀木族所相信的靈、龍、薩滿、飛在天上的人和那些奇奇怪怪的