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kyrgyzstan toilet



Remember my first entry in Kyrgyzstan, I went to a toilet near the border. I heard DONG-DONG-DONG sound, " No way! Did I just drop my mobile in the toilet again?" One year ago, I dropped my mobile in the toilet in He Huan Mountain, since then, I decided to get a waterproof mobile-iphone 7. But this time it doesn’t matter waterproof or not, this is a toilet with a deep hole in the ground! I couldn’t even see the bottom. I searched my pocket, looked into the black hole, I was frustrated.  My highest frequency of using the toilet during travel was in Tajikistan. I got fever and diarrheal disease on the way to capital-Dushanbe. I went to one hospital in Dushanbe, 2 hospitals in Iran. During these 9 days, It was so important for me to use the toilet. Toilets are friends in my life, I never know what kind of toilets I will meet the next. One of the things you would not miss while traveling is using the toilet. You get culture shock from it. It’s a big event of life. Here I will introduce my own toilet experiences.

Japan: Definitely five-star enjoyment, in addition to automatic washing, warm seat, turn on Otohime(音姬, a device attached on the wall. You can turn on music while using the toilet) you can fart at the same time, no one will hear you. Although I also encountered squat toilet in the old cafe, the overall is clean and retro style. There’s no worry at all to use the toilet in Japan.

Thailand: Most Thais are civilized and polite, you can see squat toilets in the most gas stations or service areas, they are clean and odorless. You can also see a small pool filled with water in every toilet. I’m not sure if they use water to clean their butt. I didn’t see any flushing facility on the toilet. Everyone will be responsible to wash away the stuff on their own.

Laos: I only stayed in a remote village for seven days. The squat toilets were in small cabins out of the main house. Every household would lift buckets of water to the toilet in the early morning. The floor was on the land, no concrete. After using the toilet I flushed it with water in the bucket. Oh, by the way, toilet paper was uncommon in this village.

Cambodia: Rural area was similar to Laos. Due to a large number of tourists, they have the better facilities in the city. But in that time I stayed in a temple, they provided clean toilets.

China: With the widening gap between rich and poor, it is full of all kinds of toilets. There is a special one, toilet with a long ditch – there is a long ditch in the toilet room, it extends to every toilet, you can see people’s poop “pass by" your toilet. Toilet without door or with very low cubicles- you will see everyone when you stand up. One day I participated in rafting activities, at the destination we went to shower rooms, all the rooms had no doors, everyone was brave enough to take off their clothes. Department store, hotels will have a normal toilet. Places with crowds, trash can were always full, or flushing system wasn’t working fine. Of course, sometimes there are clean toilets. The biggest problem for toilets in China is that there is no hanging hook. There are two cities are easy to find the public toilet sign, the old town of Guangzhou and Beijing Hutong. Fortunately, China just announced a toilet revolution for tourists.

Kyrgyzstan: It was more comfortable to solve problems outdoor, I mean in nature. I would describe Kyrgyz toilets with a word- a hole. I remember the first time I went to the toilet and hear the dong-dong-dong sound, at the moment I thought I’m done. I couldn’t found iPhone in all pockets, " No way! Did I just lost my mobile in the toilet again?" later I found a cellphone when I rummaged in the backpack, then realized that sound was poop falling in the hole. How to recognized toilet in the countryside – usually located few meters away from the house, a small rectangular wooden cabin. They dug a large pothole, stacked a few pieces of wood, and then keep a hole for everyone. All this is too convenient, not even the flushing system or water, but extremely stinky, flies fly around. There are public toilets in the busy town, usually I also reluctantly to use them, I didn’t need to ask where the toilet is, I could smell them few meters away. Most of them had no cubicles, only a few holes in the cement floor, face to face with people, after using that, I could feel all stinky air in my lungs. Soviet-era apartments – the toilet is separate from the bathroom, like in Japan. Kyrgyzstan is a scenic place. To be honest, it’s better to go on the field and enjoy the view at the same time.

Tajikistan: The condition was similar to Kyrgyzstan. You could find a super comfortable toilet in the tourist center of the town in Pamir, Khorog. According to a friend’s experience, the worst toilet let she had ever used was in Kazakhstan. All the poop was on the floor, causing her to go out of the toilet!

Iran: Where there’s a mosque, there’s a toilet. Or use the toilet in the restaurant. Most of them are squat toilets. When you are asking for the toilet, use the word “W.C." the other asian countries use “Toilet".


to be continued…








吉爾吉斯坦:在野外解決比在廁所裡還要舒服,這裡的廁所就是只能用「一個洞」來形容,還記得第一次上廁所時我聽到了咚-咚-咚三聲,當下心裡以為完蛋了,該不會放在口袋的iPhone 掉下去糞坑,後來翻找背包時找到了手機,才發覺那是便便掉下去的聲音。鄉下地方-通常家家戶戶的廁所在房子後幾公尺外,看到一個小小鐵皮長方狀就是廁所,他們挖了一個很大的坑洞,上面疊幾片木板,然後保留一個洞讓大家方便,這一切太方便了,連沖水都不用,但是極度惡臭,蒼蠅四處飛。小鎮-在繁忙的小鎮上可以找到收費公共廁所,通常我也是很不情願上這些廁所,不用問,用聞的就知道廁所在哪裡了,大部分沒有隔間,水泥地板挖幾個洞大家面對面享用,使用完離開後覺得體內充滿著陳年累積的遺臭,簡直無法呼吸。蘇聯時期公寓-與日本一樣乾濕分離,廁所和衛浴是不同空間。吉爾吉斯坦是風景優美的地方,在野外解決的同時欣賞美景是最佳選擇。







P.s. 請勿把貴重物品放在沒拉鍊的口袋裡,本人有慘痛經驗。

kyrgyzstan toilet
Our first toilet in Kyrgyzstan. photo credit: Marlin Spencer
outside shower space at the toilet in Albania
Toilet in Albania
Albania toilet, Gra for female, Burra for male.




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