Crossing 130km to Irkeshtam border 吉爾吉斯坦|穿越130公里到伊爾克什坦

at irkeshtam


We started to wait outside before the gate open, because we must be arrived before 11 O’ Clock, but we have to stamp out first at immigration department. There are not only a huge mount of people in China also a wide land, can’t believe that they put immigration department 130 km away from the border. The most important thing is we heard that everyone is not allow to hitchhike here. We entered with few people when the gate opened, staff in the office asked us what will be our transportation, of course we hitchhike, “No way! It’s illegal." Any rules in the world was designed by people, who made this stupid rule? OK, they put this office 130 km away from the border, then we have to pay for a taxi? So we watched a group of people had their packages checked and got a stamp then leave. Actually there are not many people. Here came one more car with only 2 German, their driver said “It’s full." unless we take a taxi with other people, no one’s willing to take us.

Marlin and Alex still not showing up, we didn’t want to wait one more night. Fortunately, we didn’t spend 200 RMB for accommodation last night, it’s all for an empty bus. Scenery was beautiful, but things’s happening here made me sighed. After hundred kilometers we arrived the last stop at the border, they took our passport away, then told us we have to wait after their break time… actually, there was still 10 minutes to the break time, what ever. Marlin and Alex took a van to reach us, they made a instant noodle, we talked about our thrilling camping story last night and following plan.

Finally we left China to the other side, there was not much people heading to Kyrgyzstan. Guard first check visitors from Kyrgyzstan to China, and then check out visitors to Kyrgyzstan. Guard let bus took us to immigration department of Kyrgyz side, those two German seemed to be very angry, like they don’t want to mix with us, one of them yelled " Stupid! Stupid! We are from Deutschland."  I rolled my eyes at him when I heard this.

Across the mountains, all the scenery had changed. Stood on the land of Kyrgyzstan, I felt this is the air of freedom and fresh, mountains covered with snow, there was a guy riding a horse on the road, it was my first time to see people riding a horse as a bike freely. My soul of tourist burnt out, I took some pictures then asked if I can try, I was so excited. We passed through more yurts, a girl raised her arm with a bottle of horse milk for sale. “Hey, we must try that horse milk and camp with nomads someday." I said.

We had to feel the altitude few times during our travel. This time in Sary Tash, the Kyrgyz town you will see arriving from China or Pamir. Sary Tash is located 3200m above sea level, so when we were arriving from Kashgar it was pretty high for us. After said goodbye to Alex and Malin here, we started our hitchhiking way to Osh. We promised to meet them again.



before arriving irkeshtam


在我們的旅程中偶爾要感受到海拔的變化,這次在吉爾吉斯坦的Sary Tash,從帕米爾或中國過來會抵達的第一個小村,位於海拔三千兩百公尺高,從喀什來到這果然對我們來說有點高,傍晚我們跟Alex和Malin說再見,然後我們繼續搭便車往奧什,我們答應要再見面。

kyrgyz and horse

me in irkeshtam

kyrgyz girl with horse milk


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