Camping wonder through Thailand 泰國|奇妙的露營之旅


As a traveler I’m really a beginner, but Thailand impressed me much. Except of the tasty food, cars that we’ve hitchhiked were comfortable and camping spots were cozy. just the weather was burning me. Actually, we camped only 3 days during 15 days of Thailand traveling. The other days we were stucked at couchsurfing homes.
1. It was my very first day in Thailand on 31st of March. Misha has looked up for a beach near Phuket airport previously, where only few tourists came for a walk in the afternoon. Dewdrops spread peacefully in the morning, it was too hot for insects during the day. Only waves splashing in the night, face to the campfire, feels as if there zombies would appear from thicket at any time. I’m too much into “the Walking Dead". Apart from the nonsense imaginations, everything was wonderful and all the worries in the world were fake, desires are superfluous. 10 minutes walking to a town nearby for wifi, internet connection pulled me back to the reality. We stayed here for one night. We came to Thailand only because it was on the way to our destination.

2. We have completed 800 kilometers hitchhiking in a day and we thought we would reach Chiangmai from Bangkok on same day but we stucked in Kamphaeng Phet Province on the way. I had a good dinner in the night bazaar as a reward for hard traveling. After we walked along the river which was full with locals picnicking on it and as we passed through a police checkpoint, we thought kindly to ask a young police officer if there’s a possibility for us to camp somewhere. Of course there wasn’t, but luckily he was a sheriff and he told us to sleep in a police station! We walked to the end of the road and did few bends. the town was so silent and dark and except the streetlights, police station was the brightest building. The sheriff was already waiting for us there, he briefed the police officer on duty, that we will stay there, then they left. Police station was equipped with clean toilets, drinking water, wifi and socket. They even turned on the air conditioner for us. Not long time later, a young man came with an old lady to register, we were already building up our tent in the book area, then she laid on the floor in the waiting area on a blanket, the main light was turned off and we had a comfortable and safe night.

It’s second day of Songkran, I had to avoid water attacking all the way and it seems like people are already back to their hometowns for celebration. Only few vehicles heading to border in Chiang Khong, we were very close to it on an unknown place just 50 kilometers away. We were walking on the road with few houses. there was a football game holding on a middle school playground. Some of the people cheer and waved us with bottles of beer in their hands, so we accepted the opportunity and went for drinks. the coach kindly told us we’re welcome to camp here, but the weather looked like it will be raining soon, so we went to the opposite temple. We used gestures to explain to people we want to put a tent here. A man walked to us and told us to follow… so we followed him to somewhere! Through a small passage and passing few houses, we arrived a hidden place. Brook, hills, flowers, greens, and a house like from a fairy tale, two minutes along the trail there was a small waterfall. Later the man came with his motorbike and brought us a bottle of wine. In the morning he even brought us breakfast with fish, rice, vegetables, fruits and sweets. I’m flattered.
This place was renovated, it will be an attraction for tourists in the future. We were lucky to enjoy it alone one night and only accompanied by chirping of insects and with sound of streaming waters.





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