Surprised me! Songkran in Chiangmai 泰國|意外給我驚喜的清邁宋干節


We planned to leave for Laos originally on 12th April. One foreigner has been living here for 3years, he told us it’s a pity! Because the biggest songkran celebration in Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia ) will be held in Chiang Mai. Alright, let’s stay one more day for it.

It’s the first day of songkran, we started walking to downtown after a late breakfast. Most of the shops have closed one day before, but those with the crowds at the store, they welcome us with smiling face and water! Minivans are loaded with people and even put the big bucket of water. We keep heading into downtown carefully, there are more and more people gathering, part of them in a traditional clothing with umbrellas or drums or decorations, but most of crowds have a bucket of water and a bowl, water is mixed with small red flowers, fortunately, sprinklings is on the decorative car with Buddha when they pick up the bowls. Tourists are equipped with water gun. Camera men packing camera in many ways to stay away from water. The dancers start the performance, later, all the parade moves toward downtown, whole road is endless. People shows their excitement, ground become wet, we cross the bridge and into the town is even more exaggerated , there are 2 fire trucks waiting to wet people, I can’t keep my pants dry anymore, it’s like a raining day.

I have to get a water proof case for mobile, then, I can join everyone. We walk long time along the road, no matter we are in residential district or bar street, be ready to get wet!

Even if 39 degrees every day here, get wet and dry, then get wet, I start feeling cold at 4 p.m. I’m enough for the get-wet- festival, it’s better to go Laos tomorrow.





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