One train home 中國|慢慢回家路-7小時廣州到吉安


First month in China , I begin to dream of the next holiday I want to travel to, the remote city, town, mountains and water …, just thinking about it, I write down more and more names on the notebook, looking at the map that I will travel all over China, probably six months after the idea has completely disappeared.

If you ask me ten of my colleagues where are they from, eleven of them non-from the local, even thousands of miles away from their husband or wife, may meet each other two times a year (lunar new year and national day), let alone the children, I have seen them tease children with tablet or mobile video, I feel very incredible. Remember the first time I travel from Dongguan to Guangzhou in the Dragon Boat Festival, like Tainan to Kaohsiung as the time distance, the station has been filled, the crowds was same as the scene of Taiwan’s New Year, especially the circular corridor channel to the platform, people were like refugees carried luggage and bags slowly squeeze forward (which description of other strangers), since then, I have to cancel the idea of traveling on holidays. In fact, on the usual weekend, Guangzhou is almost such like this. Media says it is the"World’s Largest Human Migration" to describe the Lunar new year period, " a period of travel in China with extremely high traffic load around the time of the Chinese New Year." I can not think of our ordinary life convenience, is built in the Chinese migrant workers miles away from home. all of the above, people just looking for a better life.

Mid-Autumn Festival in 2016, I finally traveled to Jiangxi Ji’an. About a month ago, I made the decision to travel with my colleague back to her family, this trip particularly impressed me.

Here’re some tips
must book the tickets previously – China Railway network booking system definitely more convenient than the Taiwan Railway, and the Taiwan Railway system has never upgraded, I really do not know why? You can go to the train station to take tickets from the window or machine,  foreigners with passports can only take it from the window. Remember to take it at least one hour early, because lots of people are waiting in line. Or, usually there’s a shop in the community that “sell train tickets, bus tickets," this shop usually looks like a cheat, but it is really convenient, as long as pay 5RMB can take one ticket, but it’s 5RMB for each ticket!

cut in line – After more than a year here, I learned to cut in line this matter. the day to Ji’an, was from Guangzhou South Station 7:40 in the morning train, because we could not get up early, we began to run from the subway exit at 7:20, 20 minutes was not enough to reach the platform. In fact, I was astonished at the outside of the train station, how come the train station so big? How are so many people? How are so many waiting lines? Usually there is two security check before entering the metro or train, same as taking a plane.

  • they check your passport and ticket
  • and luggage

There are tons of migrant workers came to work in Guangzhou. There are north, west, south and east Guangzou stations … every station is a big one, in order to facilitate the check, they took a dozen sheds, according to the number of ticket. When we told people we are in a hurry, they let us jumped queue. My colleague took me  all the way and said the same to people, all of them let us to the front  got the stamp and had luggages checked.

I simply didn’t know the situation, only followed my colleague. Fortunately at the time, our train delayed 20 minutes! This is LIFE, when you run for purposes and have hard time, do not know what you are reaching, and finally God give you a breathing space, to take a rest to think about all this is WHY, WHAT FOR?






  • 檢查車票及護照
  • 檢查行李



這些照片是2015年中秋節的東莞巴士站,我正在等車去肇慶。Took in Mid-Autimn Festival in 2015, at Dongguan bus station, waiting to leave for Zaoqing.



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