Happiness every moment 中國|幸福每一刻

Written by Misha Z. 中文翻譯在下方

There was a train full of people, most of them riding back home to their places they grew up, some of them, like Cheba and me, traveling to places we’ve never been to.

The train is slow, uncomfortable, noisy, dirty and overloaded with people. We are tired after the long ride through the sleepless night, the sun is just about to rise and the new day of our travel is about to begin, even though I’m still not sure if yesterday ever ended.

We are heading to Kunming, a place I know nothing about, but already the name of the city makes me think of some mysterious place in China about which I was reading in my childhood, the place I only knew only from books and dreamed of them. And now I’m here, tired after twenty-four hours of hard seat and dizzy of alcohol we drank to get some sleep, without result, hungry and anxious.I have earphones playing in my ears and the only thing I was doing the last hour was staring out of the dirty window, on the green hills, rice fields, lakes and other landscapes bathing in the morning sun.

The train goes through a tunnel and we are switching to night for a while, then out of it – day again, then next tunnel – night, and so it goes. In the moment we switched to the day I notice a child staring at me while eating. The moment was freezing. We are going through the night for few seconds again and I’m trying to grab my camera. Next day is really short and in the second we are reaching the next night I can see her still staring at me and I push the shutter.

The result was a picture of a girl on the edge of sunlight and darkness, the time when film camera could have enough light to capture it.


As I was back home and got my pictures back I was really happy to see that the picture succeed. Now it reminds me of that place and moment and makes think that it could be much different. Now it makes me love photography even more. It was just a second and I got it. Happiness every moment.










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