Sharing bikes in Guandong 中國|廣東的共享自行車

Dafushan forest park in Gungzhou

Written by Misha Z. 中文翻譯在下方

I think one of the best ways to explore a city is cycling. Riding is kind of freedom, its fun, you are faster and there is always a soft breeze in your hair. And you can drink and drive.

In big cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan and other are sharing bikes available, which are cheap and easy to find. There are several different bikes you can rent.

Most popular one is “mobike", others are “ofo" and “bluegogo" and also some other, which names I forgot, but all of them run with the same system and are almost same price, around 2rmb/hr. To rent a bike you will have to download an app, put up some money on it, and after it, you can get a bike. Mobike uses GPS, so you can see the bikes on a map where you can book that one you like in your area. Others have QR codes which you have to scan, then you will get a code sent to you that you have to enter on the lock.
After you did your cycling tour with sightseeing, making photos and other tourist stuff, don’t forget to lock the bike cause it will still charge money.

This is an official way for renting bikes, but there is also unofficial one.

Few days ago I visited some Ukrainian friends in Shenzhen and as always when Ukrainians meet there is a lot of drinking, talking, singing, dancing and so on.
We’ve been walking to the metro station and Julian told us about some of his friends who traveled in China and they learned how to get these sharing bikes for free. So, that was a reason enough for us to try each and every bike in the area if we can open up the locks or not. And maybe after half an hour we succeeded.

And here comes this little lifehack, how you can get a free ride. Mobike has a crazy lock, we can’t hack this one, so we aim at ofo and bluegogo. They have two types of locks, one is cylindrical, you have to roll cylinders for right combination, the other one is kind of button lock, where you have to press right buttons to open it up. Both are not hard to crack.
By first one most of the people are too lazy to roll the cylinders completely after locking it, they just roll only one of four, so what you need to do is just roll one cylinder by one full circle and try to find that one that’s missing. We could open almost every third bike, and spent less than two minutes to get a ride. Another type of lock is even easier. To open it keep pushing the button which opens the lock, and try to move the combination buttons. That buttons that get stuck or don’t move are the ones to press. There must be four of them.

So, have fun cycling and don’t forget to pay attention to the traffic cause traffic in China is unforgivable.

我認為探索城市的最好方法之一是騎自行車。騎車是種自由,它很有趣,使你更快而且總有微風穿梭髮間。你還可以邊喝酒邊騎。 在廣州,深圳,佛山,東莞等大城市都有共享自行車,價格便宜,容易找到,你可以租幾種不同的自行車, 最流行的一個是“mobike”,其它的是“ofo”和“bluegogo”以及一些…我忘了名字的,但他們的運作模式相似,價格幾乎相同,大約一小時2塊人民幣。要租一輛自行車,必須先下載一個應用程序,存入一些錢,然後你就可以用它。 Mobike使用GPS定位,所以你可以在地圖上看到自行車的位置,可以在你的地區預約一個你要的。其它的使用二維碼,掃描它後,你會得到一組號碼,然後在他的腳踏車鎖上轉到你的號碼。 在你騎自行車觀光、拍照和其它遊客會做的事之後,不要忘了鎖自行車,因為它仍然會收取費用。


幾天前我訪問了一些在深圳的烏克蘭朋友,就像我們烏克蘭人平常見面的模式一樣,在那裡喝酒,聊天,唱歌,跳舞等等。 我們走到了地鐵站,Julian告訴我們他的一些朋友在中國旅行,他們得知如何免費使用這些自行車,所以,我們有了足夠的理由試試這地區的每一個自行車是否也行得通,大概半小時後我們成功了。

這裡有這個小撇步,你如何得到免費的車。 Mobike有個很強大的鎖,我們無法駭這個,所以我們的目標是ofo和bluegogo,他們有兩種類型的鎖,一種是圓柱形,以下內容略過~




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