Forest bath beside the city-Dafushan forest park in Guangzhou 中國|城市的氧吧大夫山森林公園

Dafushan forest park in Gungzhou


Although my workplace is in Dongguan, but always spend time in Shenzhen or Guangzhou, in general, I stay in Guangzhou, a modern city with old soul, but unfortunately, I am not the kind of cement jungle city girls, how to close to nature environment here? New York has Central Park, Taipei, Da’an Forest Park, I choose to the Dafushan forest park in Panyu District in Guangzhou! The first two I have not been to, although there is a more convenient location is the Haizhu wetland park just at the exit of Datang(大塘) metro station, but the Dafushan is really great park, the different sizes of artificial lake, grass,  woods, slopes or flat, it is not a place to walk all over in a short time.

First take the bus ride 番108b路、番129路、番4b路、番9长线、广番108路 get off in the “Dafushan forest park intersection" station, you will meet a group of men to always want you to rent their bike, usually, I was completely closed mouth, and go to the family mart just next to bus stop to buy water. If you are a milk tea lover, I recommend getting family mart ice milk tea, which I tried the best in Guangzhou. In fact, with whom to rent a bike does not matter, rent a mountain bike around 15RMB a day, and any ID card as a mortgage. I never tried to rent other types of bike.

The most interesting thing here is that I have come three times, every time I can find a new location, you can take the main cement road, usually crowded with people is the most simple route, and occasionally biking around the path of the ups and downs are more fun, or take the mountain bike along the trail into woods, and then found a new feeling!





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