Wander in Fukushima, Yame 日本|在八女福島的午後散步(下)

許斐本家 このみ園


Konomien, thought it was just a shop with few drinks on the menu, turned out to be the oldest tea merchants in Kyushu! Opened the door I see an old woman wearing a traditional white apron sitting at the counter, on the right is a transparent refrigerator, to the left is the restaurant. She begins to make tea and asks me to sit down. There are crackers on a  wooden plate, the hospitality surprises me. This time I remember that the phone has google translate function and I ask her to talk on the phone because I can’t understand all the sentences. She is very excited and tells her son who comes just from the office:“This is really a smartphone!", we continue to chat slowly in this way, talking about tea industry heritage of the family, even the pattern design on a package is hundred years old. After drinking tea, she takes me for a tour from the drawer cabinet to the very steep staircase, there is a ceramic oven on the tatami, a stool pillow, and a big cabinet. I don’t know how it works. The whole space is a museum, a shrine located in the tall two floors building with a hanging chandelier. she says “lights are beautiful", she goes down the first floor and turns on the lights just to show me.  We go to a storage room on the second floor, she looks at the ancient things and tells me that she really misses these memories of her life. there is a tea factory behind the house and a very formal guest house at the other side, with old window glasses, the pattern of the wood on the door engraved, the tree of central courtyard grows to the second floor. she points to one of the patterns on the window and says it is also very cute. she likes it, she is immersed in her own place with me – the only guest here, even if she did this tour several times. Back to the front desk, everything I just experienced here was even better than the tea in my cup. even if I will buy some tea back home, I can only take away my feelings of the house.

I don’t like to be in a hurry but also I am losing the opportunity to take a look at the town. Finally, there is a shop open – Leap up leather studio. I walk inside and see a man in yuppie style clothing. he is kind and smiles to me. Casually we walk around,  we talk few words about to leave but he stops me, “プ レ ゼ ン ト!", Do not know why my Japanese is particularly good today, I can understand everything no matter what they say. He lets me write down my name, which gonna be engraved on a leather key chain, simply flattered. even if he wrote with ugly writing on the first piece, he changes to a new one.   In addition to his own designed leather tool kits, he also a recycled Japanese primary school student school bag, made into a wallet and for other supplies. He mentions he was just interested in leather crafting, but then he became more and more professional, in about seven years later. he works full-time in his studio.“Ah, so nice, this are my goals for life!" I tell him that, I am envious. Because this are the most important things in life.


矢部屋許斐本家,原以為他只是菜單寫幾種飲料名字的小店,竟然是九州最古老的茶商!拉開門後是位老奶奶穿著傳統白色圍裙坐在櫃檯,右邊是透明冰箱,左邊是餐廳,她開始泡茶並請我坐下,還有小巧木盤上擺著茶點,這麼正式的招待小小在心中驚喜了一下,這時刻我才想起手機有google translate 這功能,當我請他對著手機講我聽不懂的單字時,他很興奮跟剛走出身後辦公室的兒子說「這真的是smart phone !」,我們繼續慢慢的聊天,講著家族的茶業傳承,連某款包裝上的圖案也已是百年設計,喝完茶後他帶了我入內參觀,從抽屜櫃樣式講到很陡的樓梯、放榻榻米上的烘爐、長得像凳子的靠枕、還有我沒聽懂的作用的大櫃子,整個家就是個博物館,設在挑高二層樓的佛龕和懸掛的迴轉吊燈,他說燈很美,特地下一樓開燈給我看,走到在二樓閒置的櫥藏間,她感慨的看著裡面古老的生活用品說真的好懷念呀,所有都充滿著生活的回憶。房子後是製茶工廠還有個很有氣勢的客人招待所,窗上的舊玻璃、木門上的生命之花鏤刻、中央庭院的樹長到二樓來,他指著其中一面像花圖案的玻璃窗說這也很可愛、很喜歡,我知道他很沉浸在自己的地方,只有一個客人,卻慢慢細細的跟我品味,就算這可能是第無數次。回到前台我們坐著,剛才體驗的一切已經勝過手中的那杯茶,即使可以買到茶葉,也只能帶走我在這房子裡被滋潤而回甘的感覺。

一直不愛趕時間卻也流失很多機會好好看這個鎮,好不容易一家店開著-Leap up 革工房,走了進去是個穿著雅痞的男人開的小工作室,他很親切的對我微笑招呼,隨意看了一圈後我們聊沒幾句話正要走時,他叫住了我「プレゼント!」,不曉得為何今天的日語特別好,似乎別人講什麼我都聽得懂?他讓我寫下名字,並拿了皮革鑰匙圈要刻在上面當禮物給我,簡直受寵若驚,尤其他寫了第一塊覺得寫醜了,重新拿一塊新的,我的心就要融化了,還是發揮了問東問西的找話題精神,他除了自己設計皮製工具包,還回收了日本小學生的書包再利用,做成皮夾和其他用品,其中提到了之前他只是做興趣的,越做越喜歡、越來越專精,約七年後全職開了工作室,「啊,真好,這也是我的人生目標呢!」我告訴他我很羨慕,因為這是人生最重要的事吧。

Leap up 革工房



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